Gym & Steam Bath

Confidence and Comfort

Gym & Steam Bath

Opening Hours

6:30AM – 9:00PM Daily

  • Stricly For Club Members Only

Opening Hours

3:00PM – 9:00PM Daily

  • Non Member/Guest fees – RM5.30 (including 6% Gov Tax)
  • Members are to register first before using the Steam Bath

Every Tuesday and Thursday
From 4:30PM to 5:30PM
(Strictly for member only)


  1. Members under age of 12 are not allowed to use the Gym Room.
  2. Proper gym attires must be worn (such as sport t-shirts, short/tights and rubber soled sport shoe).
  3. Members who have medical problems should consult with their doctors before any exercises.
  4. The Club is not liable for any injury arising from the use of the equipment.
  5. Please return all equipment to their original places after use.
  6. Look after the equipment with tender loving care.
  7. No smoking or food or drink (except water in plastic bottles) are allowed in the gym.
  8. Strictly for members only.
  9. Any members under the influence of alcohol or misbehaving may be subject to instructions given by the attendants.
  10. Members must not talk loudly or make unnecessary noise that will disturb other members.
  11. Members are not allowed to operate or play their personal discs on the Hi-fi set in the Gym Room.
  12. Kindly switch off your hand phone when using treadmill, this is to avoid interference with the computer system of the machine.


  1. Age limit 12 years & above are allowed in the steam bath room.
    (Below 12 years must be accompanied by Parent/Adult who shall take full responsibility for the safety of their children.)
  2. Shower before entering the steam bath room.
  3. Do not spit or urinate in the steam bath room.
  4. No smoking is allowed in the steam bath room.
  5. Members are not allowed to walk around naked in the changing room & in the steam bath room.